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Over 16 Years of Experience in Designing Seats for the Mass Transportation Industry

:: Who We Are

GTD DESIGN represents a consortium of several companies (SEC team). Together we are able to make new designs, develop them, make prototypes, do tests and manufacture final products. We work on new solutions for ourselves and our top customers.

Design Office

Design Office

Working on the Trone HB seat

View on my desk. The screen shows the Trone HB seat designing process. Used software is Rhino v.5 for MAC.



View of Trone seat documantaion



Draft of side panel's buttons

Looking for a siede panel's design


Seat controls

Seat controls







Exhibition 2018

Show 2018

Showing Trone Seating at exhibition.



Trone LB

Satisfaction from first-own made seat



Trone HB

Satisfaction from first-own made seat


:: What we do

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help your imagination become reality.


Over 16 years of experience in the automotive market. Good reputation. Renoma. Customers' satisfaction.


"Pacta sunt servanda" - Agreements must be kept.


Problems do not exist. Design is a challenge. Destination to reach. Solution to be found.


Practical knowledge. Best technology selecion. Making of toolings. Finding contractors. Costs calculation.


"A" class surfaces creation - it isn't a problem. Rudimental thing. Guarantee of best quality final goods.



TRÔNE Seating can help you find smart solutions to optimize the realization of your ideas. TRÔNE cooperates with professionals from disciplines like engineering, design as well as health and safety issues. In addition to support, the SEC team at TRÔNE Seating can also take care of the entire development process of your own idea about a seat.

Frans-Jozef van Soumeren


October 2018

GTD DESIGN starts realizing the project for Spohn & Burkhardt GmbH

September 2018

INOTRANS Berlin 2018. Sitab company shows TRONE HB at its stand.

June 2018

The first presentation of Trone HB for one of our customers

March 2018

The first presentation of Trone LB at the Exhibiton in Hannover

Januar 2018

GTD DESIGN and Q-Supp start cooperation. Trone Seating B.V is established.

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